TMS Oil & Gas is a leading global contractor with more than 10 years of experience in the construction and technical consultancy of onshore & offshore projects.

Our engineers have a proven track record of expertise in the oil and gas industry. Through the years, TMS Oil & Gas has established strategic alliances with multinational companies from Europe, China and US.

Our company participates in public tenders in the area of East Med for process plants, offshore structures, tank farms, support and consultancy on process equipment, onshore installations and management of DP II vessels.

TMS Oil & Gas, primarily invests in people who are passionate about what we do, aiming to our continuous improvement.

We have recently expanded our R&D department, which has managed to provide tailor made solutions, within an extremely niche market, to our clients considering always the most cost-effective ways.

All here at TMS Oil & Gas are proud to be members of the group.

  • Ship Broker
  • Onshore projects Procurements “materials, tools and equipment” and services & maintenance activities including work site activities
  • General Procurements for marine units including fuel, water and oils
  • Ai diving / Sat diving procurement and services
  • ROV & WROV services
  • Assist integrity management and survey services
  • Subsea pipe-lines repair services “Deep and shallow water” including dredging activities and protection